AAPEX 2012

This page is designed not only for our young stamp enthusiasts but also to the young-at-hearts, as stamp collecting is a hobby enjoyed by all ages. It is a wonderful quiet time activity for kids; a weekend group or family activity; a subject for discussion; a tool for education on leaders, states, countries, places, celebrities, history, etc ; games and competitions e.g. who can tell the most about their stamps, wins!; and much much more. The following links are just a starting point to help and guide you in your pursuit.

Why Stamps were Invented (Video)

What is Philately?

What is a Postage Stamp?

How Postage Stamps are Printed (Video)

Stamp collecting for Children

How to start a Stamp Collection

AskPhil - Stamp Collecting Begins Here

Tools for Collecting Stamps

Questions about Stamp Collecting

Identifying Your Stamps

What is the Value of My Stamp?

What is a Forever Stamp?

What is a Revenue Stamp?

Collecting First Day Covers

Stamps with Nick Names!

Learn about Bogus Issues

Why Some Stamps Take Longer to Soak (.PDF File)

All about Stamps

Stamps: An American Journey (Video)