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Here are excerpts from some of the old journals of the Ann Arbor Stamp Club. The original of these records can be found at Bentley Historical Library at Ann Arbor MI. Thanks to the donation from a club member Frank Whitehouse  in 2001 they have quite a collection of journals, financial books and newsletters of the club (January 2001 newsletter mentions his intention to do so). This library is a treasure trove not only of archives of the University of Michigan but also of Michigan history, its people, organization and volunteer associations. Definitely worth a visit.

When did it all begin?

Ann Arbor Stamp Club was founded in 1928.

The first entry in the  'Secretary's Record' from 1928 tells the story (Mr S.B. Conger was elected Secretary Treasurer in the first meeting of the club). It goes:

On December 8th 1928 Mr Coryell, Prof Bursley, Prof Wagner, Prof Lewis, Mr Smith and Mr Conger met at the home of Mr John C. Coryell at 1336 Geddes Ave for the first unofficial meeting of the Ann Arbor Stamp Club. After viewing several exhibit by Mr Coryell a short business meeting was held. It was decided to hold meetings on the 2nd and 4th saturdays of every month beginning in January. Temporarily. If the members then wished, the meetings could be changed. Prof Bursley offered Room 408 in the Romance Language Building as a meeting place. Mr Coryell was elected temporary president and general chairman. He appointed Mr Conger publicity manager.

To read more from this journal please click - Journal (the uploaded document is not very clear at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Financial Records were also maintained but in a separate book. You can view some of those pages in FinancialBook-1.pdf (the uploaded document is not very clear at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Minutes of the first meeting of Ann Arbor Stamp Club on 1/12/1929 begins with:

The first meeting of the Ann Arbor Stamp Club was held on January 12th, 1929, in Room 408 of the Romance Language Building. Temporary President Mr John C Coryell presided. In the elections Mr Edwin Smith was elected president and Mr S.B. Conger Secretary Treasurer and Auction Manager. The motion was carried that the minutes of the club's meetings be used in lieu of a constitution. The dates for meetings was fixed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. A motion was carried providing that all present were to become charter members, Mr Coryell being charter member No. 1. Membership could be conferred upon persons recommended by charter members and passed upon by a vote of 2/3 of those present. Two weeks was specified as the time elapse between presentation of a name for membership and acceptance. A motion was carried that the club be known as the Ann Arbor Stamp Club. The starting of the fiscal year was fixed as October 1st, with dues $1.00 per year. It was moved that in case of absence of the president at a meeting, a temporary chaiman should be elected at the meeting in question to preside. A motion was carried that the officers for the club year be maintained the first meeting in October and elected the second meeting in October. The next meeting (January 26th) was to be held in the same room, and the chair appointed Prof Bursley to see about keeping the room permanently. Volunteers were called for to exhibit at the next meeting. Auction lots were also requested. Meeting adjourned at 9:45. Attendance:21 Receipts:  Dues:$6.50

In 1934 Ann Arbor Stamp Club started hosting Banquets along with its Annual Exhibition. The club Exibition and Bourse Register lists this on its first page.

Now for some interesting snippets from the recent past

Look at the interesting color of the October 2001 newsletter. Wonder who came up with that?

Here is the Audit Report of
Jan 2000 to Dec 2001.

Do you know the Check-out Etiquette? This February 2002 newsletter tells you all about it.